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New figures highlight scale of sexual assault and bullying in Armed Forces

A new report in Daily Express says the Ministry of Defence has paid out more than £8.3 million to settle sexual assault and abuse claims outside of court.

The report says the British Army paid out £2,658,405, the Royal Navy £2,557,843 and the Royal Air Force £3,120,650 between 2018 and 2023.


The total compensation came to £8,336,898 in 94 cases – an average of £88,690 per investigation.


Furthermore, another 41 cases still being assessed.


Sarah Atherton MP, a military veteran who wrote a review into the experiences of women in the Armed Forces, told the Daily Express: “Service women remain highly sceptical that justice is delivered through the military judicial system."This is despite the recent changes implemented by the MoD in response to the recommendations following my ground-breaking Defence Committee inquiry into the experiences of women in our Armed Forces.”


Dianne Yates, Director at Hilary Meredith Solicitors, said: “Female victims of bullying and harassment feel isolated and unsafe as a result of the appalling treatment they have suffered. The military continues to tolerate a misogynistic culture and appears incapable of bring those at fault to account with anything like the compassion, investigatory skills and speed required.”


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