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Sepsis - too many people dying due to “the same mistakes”

The UK's health ombudsman has warned that too many people are still dying from sepsis due to "the same mistakes" highlighted more than 10 years ago.

The UK Sepsis Trust estimates about 48,000 people die each year from sepsis-related illnesses, "thousands" of which are preventable.

Rob Behrens, who handles complaints about the NHS, said sepsis diagnosis and treatment was taking too long.

Sepsis misdiagnosis and a delay to treatment can lead to a claim for medical negligence.

In 2013, the ombudsman said that patients were not being diagnosed or treated quickly enough.

A series of recommendations were made at the time.

However, in a new report the service found that "significant improvements" were urgently needed to avoid more deaths.

NHS England said it was working to improve sepsis management.


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